This is Sweetie Girly

I found her all allone and looking so sad with her head down in the middle of a field in Tirana Albania. It was cold and it rained. I had seen her before. She knew I was feeding all the straydogs and taking care of them. I walked to her and placed food in front of her. She was not afraid for me and my dog.  It was as if she was waiting to be found by me. I promised her there and then that I would rescue her aswell.

From that moment on she was there every night. Gaining her trust and feeding her, she then start walking and playing with me and my dog every night.

I noticed she was limping and has a numb paw frequently. I massaged her leg, paw and hip every evening. Her hip and paw needs surgery. It can not be done in Albania. The veterinarians here are not qualified.

I had made her some X rays at a vet hospital and it turned out that Sweetie Girly has something like a meniscus and her hip is unstable. It can be operated and she can walk normal again.

Sweetie Girly, she is very loving and has a very BIG heart. She wants to sit on your lab but also run and play with other dogs. She can run very fast and plays hard. She is an awesome girl.

I had made a rain proof shelter in this field. Out of sight from people. Most of the people in Albania are mean to animals and dont care about them.

Here she is at the field, where I fed and found her

Some weeks later on an afternoon, I called a taxi and went to find Sweetie Girly. She was resting during the day on a wet terrain with some bushes to hide in. I put a leash on her and waited until the taxi came. In Albania they dont like dogs in their car, like they are dirty beasts. Its horrible. Its how they are being raised by their parents. Using dogs as a door mat for their own ego and frustrations.

I brought her to a clinic where she stayed 2 months. She was allready sterilized and had no disseases. Only some ticks. I had rescued her in time. She must have been abandoned recently by a heartless monster. 

This is Sweety Girly on the day I brought her to a vetenarian clinic. She was so sad. She wanted to stay with me. I lived in a house where they did not allow more animals I allready had. 1 dog and cat. They discriminate animals in Albania. They only think about themselves and money. 

I waited 2 months and was hoping she got the chance to be adopted at the clinic, where many people come. But Albanian people did not want this sweet loving bighearted girl because of her limping leg.

As I am far from rich and the clinic takes 4.10 euro on a daily basis I had the opportunity to bring her to an outdoor shelter wich asks 40 euro per month for food and stay in the country side close to Berat and Lushjnje. There are 53 dogs there and only 1 man with only one arm taking care of them..

I brought her there, together with Labby a mix Mastif Labrador. He is a beautiful sweet dog that I took care for, for many months in the same field before I found Sweetie Girly .

I bought them blankets. My heart broke to leave them there. They need a good person or family that gives them a good life.


Sweetie Girly and Labby in the outdoor shelter on the day of arrival. I left them there.

My heart cramps when looking at this photo. I promised them to get them adopted. 

Please help me make their dreams come true:

A kind and loving mama and / or daddy to belong to.

Sweetie Girly is good with children, cats and dogs.

Sweetie Girly September 2020 in the outdoor shelter.

Sweetie Girly is vaccinated and sterilized . She has all of her papers for her to move to the European Union out of Albania. 

If you want to adopt Sweetie Girly please contact me at the email button below.

No matter where you are I will bring Sweetie Girly to you.

This is Sweetie Girly May 26, 2021

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