This is Labby. He was finally adopted out to The Netherlands on April 5, 2021. 

A mix Labrador Mastif I think looking at his big head.
He is a calm intelligent kind male who was recently abandoned when I found him in November 2019.

I fed him many month in the field where I lived. He was abandoned by some heartless person and had lost trust in people and lost hope until I started taking care for him.


A walk in the park.

On our way to the park

Labby was walking with me and my dog and soon I noticed what a gentle cuttlebear he actually was. He did not come near me but he went walking with us every day.


Afraid lonely and getting thinner as the weeks went by, me and my dog were able to gain his trust.

Labby ate from the garbage..

There is no place to hide in the streets against the heavy rainfall for large dogs. Smaller ones can crawl under a car. Here Labby is trying to have a dry place but it was raining for 3 days allready. He simply gave up and sat there in the rain on the pavement with 3 other street dogs. People passing by and dont care. Its sad and not acceptable.

I bought meat for Labby and the other dogs.

Which I placed in the field out of sight from people.

I baked him pork and biftek and brought it to the field where he was trying to sleep in the cold. November 2019.

I made Labby a rain, wind and people proof sleep place which he acknowledged and happily made use of it. Four days after, I took him to the veterinarian clinic to have a health check. She founds him perfectly well. He is a sweet cuddle bear , calm, intelligent protective and runs as fast as a 2 years old even though he is about 6 years young. 

Labby is good with children, cats and dogs.

The day I brought Labby to the clinic he was very insecure and afraid not knowing what to expect.

I went to Labby in the clinic the next day and look how he is smiling! Labby was rescued and save. Finally a warm and dry place for him.


Watch an adorable video of Labby having a bath after many months on the streets.


Making a photo of Labby in the hope someone wants to adopt Labby.

Here is Labby 2 month in the clinic after I brought him there. Hoping somebody would adopt him but no one did. Labby is strong and healthy.


As I am far from rich and the clinic takes 4.10 euro on a daily basis I had the opportunity to bring Labby to an outdoor shelter wich asks 40 euro per month for food and stay in the country side close to Berat and Lushjnje. There are 53 dogs there and only 1 man with only one arm taking care of them..

I brought him there, together with Sweetie Girly. She is a beautiful sweet dog that I took care for, for many months in the same field after I found Labby .

I bought them blankets. My heart broke to leave them there. They need a good person or family that gives them a good life.

Labby is vaccinated and neutered . He has all of his papers for him to move to the European Union out of Albania. 

If you want to adopt Labby please contact me at the email button below.

No matter where you are I will bring Labby to you.