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I came to Albania with my partner for a holiday. However when I got here I was shocked of to see how badly dogs and cats are treated in this country... Often abandoned and left to send for themselves in the streets, where they are often abused, neglected and sometimes tortured for amusement.

Thus I have spent the last 4.5 year feeding strays getting them medical treatment and doing everything I can to try to get these poor strays adopted out to good homes.

My facebook page documents the work I have been doing with these strays for the last 4.5 year.

Durres Albania Animl Dog Rescue Project

I have been doing this and mostly on my own with little to no help from any of these so called agencies that claim to care about animals. Everything has been paid for by me.

Unfortunately currently I no longer have a source of revenue to help these animals. And the Albanian agencies I have talked to simply do not care... Unless there is a way to profit of these poor strays.

I am not about making a profit of these animals.

I actually care about their lifes and well being.

However I simply cannot abandom the animals. I have so desperately trying to help.

I had 5 dogs that need to be sheltered and adopted out. I got them from Albania to The Netherlands.

Currently March 2022, I have found 14 awesome families in The Netherlands for 14 awesomedogs from Albania in 12 months time...

It is my hope and prayer that you will adopt one of my dogs or assist me by sheltering, fostering them and helping me to get them adopted out. 

I emplore... No I beg you to help me save these animals because they are beautiful little souls who are worthy of life.

My plan and goal is the soon I have adopted out my 4 dogs in the shelter I will get another 4 dogs from the streets and bring them first to the clinic and then to the shelter... hopefully they get adopted first...

I will continue doing this: 4 in and 4 out .

All dogs have all the required documents to travel. No matter in which country you are,  I will bring your baby to you.

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