Choco is adopted out on April 10, 2022 to The Netherlands

A woman from Albania bought it in a pet shop in Tirana in Albania. She saw him sitting there, scared and shivering. From that day on, Choco lives with her.

He was about 2 months old at the time. He had a problem in his hind leg, a bone was not correctly combined. She brought him to the hospital around 1 year old where Choco had surgery for about 700 euros.

Now he is fine, he is running and playing. He did therapy after the surgery and things are going very well.

Choco is very sociable with people and children and likes to play with other dogs and loves to play and cuddle with people.

The woman goes permanently to her family who lives in the US and she stays there with her brother who already has a dog. He doesn't want one more.

She has no home and no job yet. Hence, she has decided to find a new family for Choco because she wants him to be safe.