My facebook page documents the work I have been doing with these strays for the last 3.5 year.

Durres Albania Animal Dog Rescue Project

I have been doing this and mostly on my own with little to no help from any of these so called agencies that claim to care about animals. Everything has been paid for by me.

Unfortunately because of Corona virus I no longer have a source of revenue to help these animals. And the Albanian agencies I have talked to simply do not care... Unless there is a way to profit of these poor strays.

I am not about making a profit of these animals.

I actually care about their lifes and well being.

All dogs and cats are vaccinated and sterilized . They have all of the papers to move to the European Union and outside and out of Albania. 

If you want to adopt please contact me at the email button below.

No matter where you are I will bring your baby to you.

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