Roi was rescued from the cage of Death Hospital 2 weeks ago by me and my assistant. Roi waited every day at the Grand Park of Tirana, to come and ask for love and care. He is not used to living on the streets and has recently been abandoned. He was scared, lonely and needs to be adopted as soon as possible to a wonderful loving family.

Roy is so tired of the terrible things he has had to endure.

Abandoned and betrayed by his family. He had a family... one day they "forgot" to close the gate to the garden. Roi began to explore a little outside the gate... on his return, the door was already closed... and wouldn't let him in again. That's how it is in Albania.

Roi had to live on the streets without food and horrible human monsters that mistreated him. In addition, the city's car caught him roughly with a metal stick around his neck and threw him in a cage on the car that takes stray dogs to their final destination. HOSPITAL OF DEATH. The city says it's a sterilization clinic, but it's not...

Roi is a mix of Black Mouth Cur, Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd Dog, Anatolian Shepherd Dog. He is healthy and is about 2 years old.

Roi has all his documents and vaccinations and is more than ready for adoption Roi now resides in Tirana, Albania with a volunteer until adoption.

He wants to walk, enjoy, love, cuddle, a warm basket or bed. He walks well on a leash. Easy in the car and listens well.

He has all documents, vaccinations and is ready for adoption.


# Please understand that I say this with all due respect: If you are interested in this dog but have other options or are dealing with another provider, I would appreciate it if you do not contact me. I'm interested in people who are serious about the dog I'm presenting because for me... it's really about finding loving stable homes forever for these beautiful souls. If you are serious I will answer all your questions by text message and we can have an honest conversation about the loving safe and secure environment you are willing to provide.

Do you want to adopt Roi? Please contact us via the contact form at the bottom of the page.

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