I have rescued Mila and Luna in April 2020 from the gypsies in Tirana because as I was asked to do so by some person in Belgium . They were supposed to go to Belgium but the person who said was going to adopt them never paid the bill at the clinic were they were staying and she lied for 7 months long she was going to adopt them... so they went to a friends shelter close to Tirana after spending 7 month in a small room in the clinic. But in the clinic the floor is very smooth and both the little dogs injured there front legs while playing. They are a little bit handicapt therefor but they manage themselves very well. They run and play like nothing ever happened.


Mila and Luna are now 18 month old in October 2021 


Here they are about 2 month old . They got their vaccination and deworming in this field where they were found.

Gypsy place

First I brought them to savety at a foster mom for 1 month.

In the clinic

They are vaccinated and sterilized and have all documents

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