This is how I found Sunny in Kamez Albania


This is Sunny now. All healed and happy. Do you want to adopt Sinny and give this older boy a warm loving home? Contact whatsapp +355 692425847

Very skinny, sick and hungry. He was laying in the sun on a piece of land behind a bank building. The sun and the quietness and peacefulness were his only comfort in what seemed to be his last days before he got even more sick. There was no food to be found in the streets and he was to weak and hardly able to walk anyhow to find food .

The vetenarian did some test and it turned out he had tick desease and heartworms. Three weeks later she saw there was blood on his penis and Sunny was diagnosed with penis cancer which is caused by sexual interaction. Sunny started chemo therapy and after 2 months he was completely cured from it. Aswell from the heart worms and tick disease.


An old fracture on his right frontpaw causes him difficulties walking for a longer period but short walks and resting inbetween he very much enjoys as he loves to take in his environment and is happy to live.

Sunny wears a small brace around his paw which gives him the support he needs and therefor he is able to walk better.

Currently Sunny is healthy and full of energy . He was given a new life.



Sunny was 4 months in a room in the clinic and had chemo therapy and I was hoping he got the chance to be adopted at the clinic, where many people come. But Albanian people did not want this sweet older dog because of his limping leg.

As I am far from rich and the clinic takes 4.10 euro on a daily basis I had the opportunity to bring him to an outdoor shelter wich asks 40 euro per month for food and stay in the country side close to Berat and Lushjnje. There are 53 dogs there and only 1 man with only one arm taking care of them..

I brought him there and he was very happy to be finally outdoors and free with space to walk and run in. 

Sunny deserves so much better after a miserable hard life suffering alone on the streets for many years. This beautiful soul was sick and about to die when I found him. All he had left was the sun to warm him up and a quiet piece of land to lay down his tormented body and soul.

Sunny has a strong will. He got his life back and is ready to live it !!

He deserves a warm home where he can spent his last years in dignity and being taking care for by a warm hearted person. All he needs is a scratch, food, little walks on the beach, in the wood or in the park and a place called home. He is very kind and also playfull. He loves to have is back massaged and stroked.

Sunny is about 5 to 6 years young. He is still good .

Sunny is good with children, cats and dogs.

He jus needs little walks every day, a scratch on his back and belly, a warm place to sleep in and a loving sweet person to share his life with.

O my sweet Sunny. I hope your life will soon become much better. I am doing my very best to find you a new home and family

Sunny is vaccinated and neutered . He has all of his papers for him to move to the European Union out of Albania. Sunny is 100% healthy now.

If you want to adopt Sunny please contact me at the email button below.

No matter where you are I will bring Sunny to you.