Jaques lived in a house with 18 dogs in Durres in Albania. The one who took care of them had to leave her house. Twelve of the 18 dogs found shelter in a small shelter but she could not afford more and 6 dogs had to be put on the street. Four of the 6 dogs are now dead and 2 including Jaques are still alive and could stay at night in the garden of a small shelter in Durres, a coastal town in Albania and on the street during the day....

Something terrible happened 2 weeks ago... Jacques has suddenly gone blind. 1 eye was already blind and now also his 2nd eye.

But his eyes are not inflamed and he has no pain. 


But a blind dog can have a normal life. Just like any other dog. He has a very good nose and ears.

His new family and Jacques just need to learn some basic commands verbally and not move the furniture in the house. A garden or piece of land with a fence around it. He can enjoy forest and beach walks. There are no cars. Jacques is very friendly and sweet. He is good with other dogs, cats and people.

Jaques really deserves a great family because he is a wonderful sweet beautiful dog. He deserves a nice home so he can finally have a nice life where he gets all the attention and love and care he needs.

He is 4 years old and in the prime of his life.

He has all his vaccinations, documents and is more than ready for adoption.

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