King I found in the Daity mountains in Tirana Albania. (Albania is not in the list) He was abandoned and abandoned by his family and dropped in the mountains where there is no food...

I took him to a clinic in Tirana where he was declared healthy, neutered and vaccinated.

King is a wonderful sweet beautiful dog in the prime of his life and deserves a sweet caring family .

He has all his documents and is more than ready for adoption.

# Please understand that I say this with all due respect: If you are interested in this dog but have other options or are dealing with another provider, I would appreciate it if you do not contact me.

I am interested in people who are serious about the dog I am presenting because for me it is really about finding forever loving stable homes for these beautiful souls.

If you are serious I will answer all your questions by text message and we can have an honest conversation about the loving and safe environment you are willing to provide.

Do you want to adopt King?

Please contact me via the contact form at the bottom of the page.

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