is adopted out on April 4, 2022 in the Netherlands😍 

Mira was pregnant when she was conceived in October on Kune Beach in Shengjin, Albania. (Albania not listed) Albanians will abandon their dogs if they show any signs even when fully grown and a puppy's novelty wears off. Kune Beach is a wooded reserve by the sea, there are only people in the low season except fishermen, so traditionally there are many dogs to die.

Mira is fully grown with a small build. Weighs 10lbs, about 1 year old, in good health. I had her spayed after weaned her puppies. She has been vaccinated against Parvo/Distemper, dewormed and oral NextGuard against ticks.

She and her puppies were three weeks with a volunteer during the January freeze. But they had to take her back to Kune Beach to take in an injured male alpha dog.

In February we found Mira with a bleeding neck and in shock. She had been brutally attacked by another dog(s). Mira is not part of a pack. It is common for wild alpha dogs to attack smaller, weaker, submissive dogs.

Me and the volunteer drove Mira home. We started with antibiotics. She was in shock for 3 days. Do not eat, eat, toilet, move.

Her injury has completely healed. I also found a heavy bite, wound repaired on her keel. Plus minor side wounds on her head and hind legs. She also shows signs of abuse (crawls under the bed to hide when you grab the broom to sweep, etc.).

I believe her vocal cords were damaged from the throat wound because she doesn't bark, doesn't make a sound. She has recovered and is happy, affectionate, sweet, calm, very quiet.

She sleeps/rests 18 hours a day. Walks on the line early in the morning and late afternoon. Obviously domesticated and lived indoors as she has perfect house manners.

She is very low maintenance! She gets along well with other dogs, although she is shy. She is great with puppies and other dogs. She is so calm and laid back that I think she would be fine with cats. Mira needs a home where she can live in peace and love. She would be a perfect companion for an older person. She would be perfect for a working