Felice is from Albania Tirana and is very sweet . She deserves a forever loving home. She's more than ready. Please give this sweet baby who has suffered so much a chance. Felice has had a hard time. She was living on the street when the municipality of Tirana picked her up and threw her roughly into their van before being taken to the "hospital of death" in Tirana and imprisoned. There they kick the dogs before killing them with an injection… a painful and slow death. I got her out of their filthy bloody hands. In Tirana they killed 15000 dogs.... Felice is still the sweet beautiful Felice despite what she has been through. Beautiful sweet Felice had nothing, no food, no love, no safe shelter… nothing. Her family had kicked her out on the street and find out... She needs a stable home where she can feel loved and safe so that she can be herself and be herself, relax and thrive. Felice deserves a very sweet home so that she will finally have a nice life where she gets all the attention and love and care she needs. All it takes is patience and love and it will be fine. Then you have a great new member of the family. She is very good and calm with children and dogs. She has all her vaccinations, documents and is more than ready for adoption.

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