This is Kutchi. He was finally adopted out to The Netherlands on June 30, 2021. 

In the video beneath is Kutchi now. All healed from neglect and happy

He is a mix Husky 

Kutchi me and my dog are best friends. We spent so many months together going for walks . I groomed Kutchi his hairs and fed him as the owner did not.

His fur was full with knots and he was too skinny when we first met.

Kutchi is a free spirit. A man of his own.

Kutchi loves water and mud baths. 

One day he came out of a dirty river in Tirana and he was completely covered with black dirt.

We walked over the boulevard free and happy. At one point Kutchi decided to stir up a man walking there all dressed up and vain. Kutchi completely black and smelling dirty was trying to grab the mans trousers... he was fucking around with this man... hahaha .. the man squeezed like a piglet afraid to get dirty. It was truly hilarius to watch. Thats Kutchi. He has human knowledge.

A naughty and sensitive boy.

Most people dont care about dogs in Albania and only think about their appearance and ego.

If Kutchi trust you, you have a best friend for life. He always guided me when I went to do errands and always waited patiently for my return. Kutchi was very happy with me and all the dogs were playing happily with us.

Kutchi is a mix Husky and is intelligent.

He is kind of traumatised by many man throwing rocks at him for many years. He basicly is afraid of those men. All he needs is 1 owner and a save surrounding. He will be just fine then by enjoying his life, going for walks and he likes to go on adventure.

Kutchi can tell if a man is good or not. If he likes you he is a warm cuttle bear and he is fun to be with. A true gentleman.

Finally he can rest without being attacked by many man that were throwing stones at him for many years. His owner did not take care for him and so I did that for 1 year.

I promised him a better life and not leave him behind. I left that area and took Kutchi to a clinic where he got vaccinated and neutured and then brought him to the outdoor shelter in June 2020.

Me, my dog and Kutchi were threatened to be killed if I kept feeding the straydogs in the area where we lived.

Therefore I left and took Kutchi out if this dangerous environment

October 27, 2020 outdoor shelter Albania.

Kutchi does not belong there. He looks not at ease at all and his hairs are dirty and not brushed. He is too skinny and looks depressed and lonely. 

Kutchi also needs his freedom, to be loved, appreciated and acknoledged . Kutchi has a strong personality and is a big affectioned baby as well. He wants to live.. not being locked up in one place day in day out. Never go out for walks with an owner of his own.

I asked the owner of the shelter to brush him and send me a new video. And to brush him every week, otherwise his hair get tangled and his skin itchy. But things got worse for Kutchi in this shelter but I was informed too late but luckaly in time before it was too late for him.

Read the following:

I rescued Kutchi in Albania after he and I and my dog ​​were threatened to be killed because they didn't like me feeding and caring for the abandoned street dogs, including Kutchi, in this particular area where I lived .. His owner didn't take care of him so I did. After this death threat, I took all of us out of that area within 4 days and placed Kutchi in an outdoor shelter. As I have 1 rescued dog and 7 rescued cats I was not welcome in any apartment so I had to hide at least 4 cats ... Could not have 2 dogs and 7 cats .. At the time the shelter seemed to be good for a while, at least Kutchi was safe and got food .. I thought ... I don't have a lot of money and it was cheap on a monthly basis. In Albania you have almost no shelters. Suddenly I was told that my Kutchi was a bit hurt. Immediately I took him to the vet and Kutchi was skinny, only 15 kilos instead of 28 kilos and his leg was infected with gangreen. His leg had to be amputated. He had to come to the clinic in Tirana for a month but they cannot keep him there if I do not pay ... at that time I had no money for the costs of his stay in a clinic and luckily he was able to go to a place with a large garden, not too many dogs and a roof over his head. He has already gained 8 kilos but needs even more weight. Kutchi is intelligent, sweet, cute, naughty and fun to be with. A man of his own .. a free spirit. Because of his leg he has to rest regularly during walks. Even so, I walk with him every day for 2 hours in a row and we rest regularly, which is just nice. He runs very fast again and plays as smoothly and fast as before ... And depending on whether he gets stronger after the amputation 1 month ago only in March, 2021 and barely weighed 15 kilos instead of 28 kilos ... he gets less and less effort to walk on 3 legs for a long time. He now weighs 23 pounds. A prosthesis would be very nice for him, but I have no money for that at the moment. 1250 euros in the Netherlands With protese Kutchi walks on 4 legs again, which is of course better for his back and other legs.

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