This is how I found Milo. 

I found Milo exhausted, sick and abandoned in the street, hiding on a piece of land with some greenery behind it. His nails were very long. He couldn't walk on it without pain and very uncomfortable. Milo was also almost blind I saw. He was immediately very sweet and soft. He trembled with excitement that someone was lovingly giving full attention. I gave meat and water that I just had bought for my dog.

Then I went to get a pair of cutters and returned very quickly. Unfortunately he was gone. I decided to come back the next day at the same time because I thought he will come back there to rest. That was true. He was waiting  for me, making sure he was noticed by me he had not hide himself beside the bushes but more in front.. I cut his nails. Then I arranged transport and took him to the clinic.

Milo tired and sick, trusted me completely while waiting for the driver.

Milo was very sick. His skin and eyes covered with sores and open wounds.  He had no energy, barely moved and was in pain for a long long time now.

Nobody had room except this clinic annex shelter. It's not well regarded but I had no choice. Where I lived I was not allowed to bring street dogs home.

After 7 days in the clinic ... he barely ate .. was lying there on the bare dirty floor in a corner in a separate room, I was able to visit him and gave him a thick soft velvet blanket and good meat canned food .. Lots of attention .. He then ate well from the food I brought. He could finally relax and felt more save and was assured he was loved.

The sores were treated with a special cream. To avoid him licking the cream of he got a mask untill the cream was fully dissolved in his skin.

Poor Milo you look so fragile and lonely. Neglected and abandoned. My sweet Milo I love you and we will get you adopted boy. I promise you. 

Milo was taken out of his room to have some leisure time and out of his solitude. He was enjoying some sun and was trying to catch a fly. 

I had rescued another 4 dogs from the street. I could not have more cost than I already had.

I had asked an organization if they would take over Milo. Pay the costs for his treatment against Leishmaniasis and stay in the animal hospital. This organisation rarely helps other rescuers but fortunately this time they said yes and Milo was taken after 10 days in the clinic to this vet hospital in Tirana.



They first let him get worse instead of immediate treatment. That was a big mistake .. He became very very skinny in 5 days and was covered with sores .. I moved heaven and earth. Now ! Immediate treatment otherwise he dies. It is a tough course of treatment comparable to chemotherapy.

Milo needed his strenght and he had that when he arrived 5 days earlier. His condition was allready clear and I had builded his strenght with good food. Truly horrible that they neglected that fact and let him become worse...because the "doctor" wanted to find out if he was able to endure his treatment. 

MILO WAS SKIN OVER BONES WITHIN 5 DAYS after his arrival in the vet hospital and I was told yeah that is what the disease Leishmaniasis does... Then for god sake what were you waiting for !!?? START HIS TREATMENT.

I then immediately brought Milo cans with the meat he likes for the next 14 days and after our walk he was delighted with it. Milo was fed good and with a full belly he was getting ready to start his treatment and heal from the dissease that was killing al of his organs. 

The first week Milo was not able to do long walks. We walked and rest and continued doing that for 2 hours. 

Milo was soo happy to be with us.

I brought a lot of meat and canned food with another dog rescuer right at the start of his treatment and continued doing so. He ate a lot. He responded well to his treatment. His blindness caused by the Leishmanias was disappearing. For the first time I could see his beautiful brown eyes!😍

This is Milo after 3 weeks of treatment against Leishmaniasis and long walks every other day with rest and enjoying his time in nature as much as he needed.

Happy handsome boy! 

Milo is such a handsome boy!! 🥰 Milo was given his life back.

In the vet hospital Milo is staying, all the dogs are in separate cages and only "walked" 10 minutes twice a day to do their needs. It is not enough plus when I let out Milo he needed to poo a lot. He had to hold in his poo because they let him out way to short.

The prices in this hospital are way too high as well. The owner makes a lot of money over the backs of all the poor souls that suffered so much abandoned in the streets. Its wrong.


Milo is a very sweet and good animal. He is a true friend. 

He is very enthusiastic with my dog and other dogs ​​and likes to play and walk together.

He is very spontanious and sweet to humans as well. No aggression or harm in Milo at all.

The owner who put him on the street is a heartless monster. Milo's ears cut off.

Most probably the "owners" were trying to or wanted to use Milo for dogfights. I think Milo escaped his abuser and then find himself alone on the streets surrounded by Albanian people that were throwing rocks at him and chasing him away.

He was due to die on the street or killed by the munipicality of Tirana when they would find him.

Milo and I found eachother just in time...

Milo, me and my dog Swabber were enjoying a walk in the mountains. It was soo good to see Milo happy and getting healthier each day. I gave him multivitamins and lots of treats during our walks. We always walked for about 2 hours every other day.

I took Milo out regularly and give him a lots of love and food. He was recovering quite well.

The last photos were taken on the 3rd of July 2020.

He is about 3.5 years old.

Milo is looking for a loving and warm person who will take good care of him and give Milo the life he deserves.

Milo is still in Albania Tirana. He will go to Italy and will obtain a European passport and travel in the European Union. Milo is 100% healthy now.

Milo is vaccinated and neutered . He has all of his papers for him to move to the European Union out of Albania. 

If you want to adopt Milo please contact me at the email button below.

No matter where you are I will bring Milo to you.