Bella Mix Siberian Husky 76.1%

A few months ago Bella was found in Tirana Albania near the garbage where she was looking for food and she had hurt her leg.

Bella was taken to the vet...after she was let loose on the street again, but she looked so sad...not knowing where to go.

After a woman was found to take care of Bella she was taken from the street. The woman is really horrible, doesn't like dogs.. just for the money, like all farmer woman and very selfish.

But what to do in Albania, where it is difficult to find shelter for these poor beautiful souls.

Fortunately she could go to a volunteer who had a place for her and a dog trainer was found aswell who practices basic commands with her once a week. At the dog trainer she acts like an angel.

Bella is very sweet and really beautiful. She is very cute and has a crazy charm. She needs someone with a firm handle with dogs.

She likes to run, run and run and needs a well fenced garden. She likes to go out for a walk and always comes back.

She can act crazy, is playful and enjoys being together.

Bella is healthy and is about 2 to 3 years old. She weighs 30 kilos. Height 53cm.

Bella has all her documents and vaccinations and is more than ready for adoption.


#Please understand that I say this with all due respect: If you are interested in this dog but have other options or are dealing with another provider, I would appreciate it if you do not contact me.

I'm interested in people who are serious about the dog I'm presenting because for's really about finding loving stable homes forever for these beautiful souls.

If you are serious I will answer all your questions by text message and we can have an honest conversation about the loving and safe environment you are willing to provide.


Do you want to adopt Bella. Please contact me via the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Bella and her volunteer














































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